Balboa Nephrology Medical Group Launches New MSO Balboa United

San Diego, CA

On January 1, 2018, Balboa Nephrology Medical Group launched Balboa United, a full-service medical practice management services organization. Balboa United offers a wide range of services from billing and collections to centralized insurance authorizations and clinical operations management to human resources. The company takes away the burden of operating the medical practice, so physicians can focus on quality care and the patient experience.

“The paradigm of healthcare is changing” said Dylan Steer, MD, CEO of Balboa United. “Balboa United will help free up time for physicians to deliver a superior experience of care for their patients. The administrative burden of running a practice leads to physician burnout and is one of the least rewarding activities for busy clinicians. We hope that management by Balboa United will improve the lives of both patients and physicians alike.”

Balboa United was built by physicians, so we have the expertise to understand the needs of the physician.

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